At what age do girls grow pubic hair?

I just want to know at what age do girls start to grow hair over their vagina?
Any by what age does it grow alooot?


  1. Milly Bays says:

    12 Wow you’re dumb

    Its starts when you’re 12 and it stops growing when you’re like 12 and a half duh.

    Why do you care?

  2. loverly says:

    well puberty around 10-13 yrs. usually but it can vary.

  3. spiderkitty65 says:

    around 9 for me

  4. Remy says:

    10, 11, 12, or 13. Every gal is different.

  5. yea says:

    mine startedat age 9

  6. Lady Shadow says:

    I grew mine at 11
    started my period in 4th grade to!

  7. xoxloveu92 says:

    Depends on when they start puberty. Since pubic hair is one of the earliest signs of puberty beginning, it can be anywhere from 9-13.

  8. courtney :) says:

    Probably between ages ten-thirteen.

  9. Dr. DOLY says:

    see below – Puberty Development stages

  10. TheLWord says:

    9-13 yrs old. but when you get into your late teens, you get a LOT more hair……….Shave :) haha

  11. Simbie says:

    i was about 8 1/2 or 9 :)

  12. laura H says:

    mine started young, like 7, and fully by maybe 11

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